Negative Restoration

June 15, 2011
By Scanning Service

Why is Negative Restoration Indispensable?

Movies that were made in 20th century were made on a weak, highly inflammable cellulose nitrate based film.  This film required special kind of storage to prevent fast decomposition of the film.  The silent films which ended in 1930 were designed in expensive material which was not durable. The cost of preserving the film was very high hence even the studios did not bother maintaining the tape. At the moment, there are few original silent films remaining.  The negatives are rare hence the few available are retained with the help of negative restoration.

For professional negative restoration and scanning we highly recommend ScanCafe. ScanCafe will scan and repair your old slides, negatives and photos, by hand—creating a perfect “digital negative” that never fades for just 29 cents per image.

Despite the advancement in technology, the current negatives used in films and photography can still fade.  The cellulose acetate film was used to replace nitrate films but unfortunately the new kind of negative also suffers from vinegar syndrome.   Negative restoration is indispensable at the moment since the storage precaution applied is a compromise.  Low temperatures are required to prevent fading of the colors but in turn they enhance vinegar syndrome development. On the other hand, room temperature enhances fading.

No matter how much you take care of your negative, accidental scratching happens often.  These scratches lower the quality of the negative. If you have a negative that has been scratched accidentally, you can look for a company dealing with negative restoration and see whether you can have your images retrieved.

Another reason making negative restoration indispensable is the fact that disaster happens.  Imagine if your house went up in smoke with all the negatives holding your nostalgia in the drawers. The information in the negative is better restored and preserved in one of the modern methods.  For instance, photos that are uploaded online cannot get destroyed even if your PC goes up with the smoke.

The process of restoration can be done personally if you have experience in the science.  There are DIY guides that can be followed to learn some of the best methods you can have it done.  Nonetheless, for people with no time and skills required for restoration of the tasks, they also have the services of professional negative restoration services available.

Many companies dealing with restoration of negatives can provide restoration service at affordable costs.  If time, money and quality are the most important factors; professional service is the best to use. A professional service can convert images that have either faded or accidentally scraped surface back to their original aesthetic at shoe string budget.  The quality is normally above reproach.

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